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Hawaiian Shirts

Five contemporary tops prompting good vibes and great style

Since its introduction in the 1930s, the Hawaiian shirt—or Aloha shirt as it’s known in Hawaii—stands as one of the most notorious icons of good vibes and bad fashion. Ignoring the stigma behind the infamous floral print a few brave designers took it upon themselves to rethink the ultimate party shirt for the upcoming summer season, dropping in on the turquoise wave once reserved for Midwestern dads on vacation and carefree Spicoli types everywhere. The following are five contemporary takes on the classic Hawaiian shirt sure to keep you from looking like a shoobie this summer.

Mark-McNairy-party-shirt.jpg Mark-McNairy-shirt-close-up.jpg
Mark McNairy

After championing the flamboyant footwear market, McNasty continues to brighten up the fashion world by adding gems like this to his irreverent line of wares. Made in America, the Mark McNairy Camp Shirt looks to be an instant classic with its perfect fit and spot-on detailing. Look to Opening Ceremony where it sells for $185.

Its-Nice-That-shirt-2.jpg Its-Nice-That-shirt-1.jpg
It’s Nice That for ASOS

Designed by LA-based, Australian born graphic designer Jonathan Zawada in collaboration with London publication It’s Nice That, this vibrant MC Escher-esque design is topped with a buttoned throat latch closure. Made with 100% Viscose for a silky flowing feel, the far out design and clean fit make this summer shirt one of the most playfully inventive takes we’ve seen yet. ASOS has it for $72.

Levi-Vintage-party-shirt.jpg Levi-Vintage-close-up.jpg
Levi’s Vintage Clothing

Inspired by the shirts wartime G.I.s were wearing in the 50s to symbolize a sense of freedom and liberty, this archival reproduction is all style. The small detailed print contrasts so nicely with the bright red backdrop, the shirt is at once mellow and bold. Available from Oki-Ni for around $200.

RagBone-Party-shirt-1.jpg RagBone-Party-Shirt-2.jpg
Rag & Bone

Perfectly on point, like nearly everything that bares the Rag & Bone label, the 3/4 Placket Shirt sports an artistic Miami Vice vibe, with Havana-inspired graphics for an ideally laid-back attitude. Plus, the slim, relaxed fit is toned down just enough to actually be a promising part of your summer wardrobe. The shirt sells directly through Rag & Bone for $175.

Vans-Casual-party-shirt.jpg Vans-Casual-party-closeup.jpg

A no-brainer from the original purveyor and recent perfecter of surf and skate style, Vans’ breezy Casual Friday shirt features reverse printing with clever caricatures of the Hawaiian surf scene for a more playful feel. Find it at Swell for a modest $42.


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