Dry Haircare

Five expert tips for moisturizing your mane as the weather shifts

Whichever hemisphere you’re in, seasonal changes makes a good excuse to revive tresses that have suffered recent abuses. Doing a little something extra to up hydration, whether lacking from too much sun or radiator heat, can bounce hair back to its full glory. We checked in with Angelo David of the eponymous NYC salon to get a few tips on how to achieve luscious locks—most importantly, don’t go outside with wet hair and limit the use of products with alcohol and sulfates. Read on for a comprehensive plan to get the most moisture possible into your tresses.

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Locking in moisture doesn’t always mean turning to lubricating products. David suggests a home humidifier to put moisture back in the air and your hair. We like Stadler Form’s William Ultrasonic Humidifier ($230), which can cover up to 1,000 square-feet of space (in spite of its compact size), fends off bacteria with its Ionic Silver Cube, and has a timer, a turntable mist diffuser and an integrated humidistat. The stylist also recommends running dryer sheets through hair to avoid static and tame flyaways. While I rather like the laundromat smell, The Laundress’ nontoxic, biodegradable and allergen-free dryer sheets are made from fragrant plants ($16) and make a more healthy choice.


Sometimes the right products can go a long way when you need more than just hair maintenance, but some serious help. David proposes beginning with the Pureology Hydrate Antifade Complex line. The shampoo has a “ZeroSulfate” guarantee and comes packed with essential proteins to rehydrate your scalp, while the conditioner mixrd jojoba esters and shea butter to replenish and soften hair. Both cleansers are scented with organic botanical blends and are designed to conserve color ($20 each for a 10.1oz bottle).

Applying Angelo David’s Zero Frizz Control cream ($20) to hair directly after washing seals in moisture without weighing hair down. The cream works best when hair is exposed to high humidity or dry indoor heat, making it the perfect year-round restorer. They also recommend styling hair with their large round brush ($55), made with a balanced amount of boar’s hair and nylon bristles to prevent breakage and stimulate the scalp—which will help hair grow as well.