Strathcona Stockings

Handprinted hosiery that toes the line between subversive and sweet


Originally conceived in “a little-known town situated between the the forest and the ocean,” Strathcona Stockings are at once a reflection of this ethereal Canadian landscape and founder Ryley O’Byrne‘s distinct artistic vision. A graduate of Central Saint Martins and Emily Carr Institute of Art & Design, O’Byrne has turned hosiery into her canvas, dutifully handprinting each trouser sock with her own photographs or collages from her LA studio.

strathcona12.jpg strathcona11.jpg strathcona13.jpg

O’Byrne’s creative versatility spans filmmaking, package design, fashion photography and art direction—most notably the recent Aritzia lookbooks. Her serene style lends itself to stockings, but Strathcona kicks up her penchant for pastels and moody floral motifs with bolder patterns like vibrant watercolor prints, bold citrus themes or colorfully subversive marijuana-inspired designs. As colder climes set in, Strathcona stockings offer a subtle way to keep warm vibes going during the winter months.

Strathcona Stockings sell online for for $36 a pair.