Sweet Marcel

Limited edition over-the-knee socks from a Texan designer


A collection of avant-garde knee socks reaches us from the wilds of suburban Dallas, Texas. Designer Amy Anderson likens each pair as “wearable art” and produces each design in limited quantities. Crafted from 78% cotton blended with polyamide and elastane at an ethically-certified textile mill in central Turkey, once a design sells out, it’s gone forever—but makes way for a new one to take its place.

“I produce a small amount of each design,” founder and designer Amy Anderson explains.

Shops across the United States carry the line and you can find one near you by searching on the Sweet Marcel site.


Recently Anderson collaborated with Project Runway contestant Shirin Askari. The two friends share studio space and so far Askari came up with the Wisteria/Xena pairs (sold together for $37.50) for Sweet Marcel.