Uncommon Creatures

An experimental first collection based on Orthodox Jewish subculture

uncommon-creatures2.jpg uncommon-creatures1.jpg

The debut collection from Danish designers Christina Højris Ottosen and Jens Kold-Christensen of Uncommon Creatures channels the style of Brooklyn’s conventional Hasidic Jew. Inspired by the typical big black hat, flowing locks and overall aesthetic, the collection includes enticing updated versions of the subculture’s quintessential garb.

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The influence is obvious in the collection’s looks, while lending each garment a crisp avant-garde twist. “The AW10 collection sends the wearer on an anarchronanistic journey where essential elements of various Judaistic societies are used as a central theme,” explain the duo.

uncommon-creatures6.jpg uncommon-creatures5.jpg

This vision comes through not only through the simple style, the recognizable hats and extended lengths of the garments, but in the use of knitwear depicting Orthodox Jews and East Orthodox cross motifs.

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In keeping with other brands of a similar ilk, Uncommon Creatures uses a classic monochrome palette for its first collection. However, the fledgling brand has strong regional ties, promising to use only Jewish textiles and manufacturers for all its pieces and not outsourcing any part of the production process.

Ethical touches like this coupled with the pair’s advanced eye for aesthetic flourish make for a highly anticipated subsequent collection.