Uncommon Cases


Using an on-demand digital printing process Uncommon, which launched today, enables unlimited possibilities for customizing device cases. The process, branded 3D TATTâ„¢ (Thermo-Active Transdermal Technology), is a sublimation technique that embeds the image deep in the plastic case which means that it won't smear or scratch off like other surface printing techniques tend to do. Uncommon can print artwork, designs or photographs on a case, or you can choose from a portfolio of over 150 artists and brands already on board. The launch collection features work from Phunk (above, left), Candybird, David Ellis (above, right), MQ, Mode 2 and Christopher Lee (above, middle), among others.

“We were tired playing by everyone else’s rules. It sucked. We created Uncommon so that we could do whatever we wanted. Now we are giving you the power to do whatever you want. That is Uncommon,” says Scott Wilson, Uncommon Brand Director and Co-Founder.


I had a chance to make some cases of my own and have been using one of them for a couple weeks now. I chose an image from my recent Tokyo trip (on the left) and a shot of CH mascots Otis and Logan (on the right).

The image quality is excellent (click on the last image in this story to see a detailed photo) and the print remains flawless despite a few drops. My iPhone emerged unscathed as well, proving their protectiveness in addition to prettiness. Another perk is that when a user chooses to share their artwork with the community, Uncommon will give some kick-back to them if another customer uses it on a case they buy.

Customization is as simple as uploading artwork and setting the scale and rotation. They also make ordering super-simple; the video below shows the entire process.

Uncommon's first products are the ultra-slim protective iPhone and iPod Touch Capsule Cases and Blackberry Storm 2 Trooper Case (all $40), with MacBook and Blackberry Curve cases, watches and other blank canvas objects soon to follow. Uncommon plans to donate 2% of all profits toward the pursuit of the arts and arts education.