Unholy Matrimony Shirt

Hint Fashion Magazine, has a pretty solid line up of designer and limited edition T’s in their online shop. They have a neat ‘King of Rock’ T-shirt, by Ken Courtney from Ju$t Another Rich Kid, a Patrik Rzepski design, and more. The design that caught my eye though was the Unholy Matrimony shirt by L.A. artist and designer Brett Westfall. All of his shirts are one of a kind, his designs are all from the work of a paint brush. He has described his “work of art” t-shirt’s as “functioning fine art”. He says his shirts are all from a deeper meaning than just for the artwork. “It was about working against negativity to pursue what is true freedom and peace.”, says Westfall. The shirt is available in a few different color options has a hefty $160 price tag, but fine art should be priceless.