Vrai & Oro Fine Jewelry

An ethically sourced and manufactured collection of rings, bracelets and necklaces that radiates timeless sophistication


A timeless piece of jewelry not only stands on its own, but also effortlessly complements all other accessories as they fall in and out of fashion. This is exactly what Vanessa Stofenmacher and Chelsea Nicholson had in mind when they started Vrai & Oro, a fine jewelry line that keeps both style and production simple. Vrai & Oro embodies a delicate sophistication that never seems to go out of fashion; its choice minimal designs and classic silhouettes makes its pieces ones you could reach for everyday, with the versatility to go from an understated daytime accessory to an elegant addition to evening-wear.


The dedication to simplicity comes from the company’s core value that fashion should not be disposable and, with its high standards in material and manufacturing, Vrai & Oro pieces will surely last a lifetime. Using only ethically sourced 14k gold and solitaire diamonds, the entire line is made locally in Los Angeles where Stofenmacher and Nicholson can maintain oversight to ensure fair labor practices and excellent production. And, by selling directly to the customer, Vrai & Oro has successfully cut out wholesale markups that inflate retail value. Overall, Vrai & Oro quite literally lives up to its name: that is, “truth” and “gold.”

Vrai & Oro jewelry ($50–$495) is sold exclusively through its online store.

Images courtesy of Vrai & Oro