Boys Will be Boys Collection by Wool and the Gang

London's resident knitwear enthusiasts introduce a chunkier range for men


As temperatures continue to drop in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s officially the season to begin wrapping up. Just in time, the beautifully groomed and crafty designers at Wool and the Gang introduce their new ready-made collection for men, titled “Boys Will Be Boys,” ideal for discerning gents who prefer a chunkier class of knit. Described as “serious and wild,” the new collection remains hand-knitted by specialist artisans in Peru. Each piece is lovingly crafted from 100% sustainable Sheepaca yarn made of baby alpaca and merino wool fibers, giving each design a signature bounce and drape.


Inspired by the iconic looks of men like Steve McQueen and the more unconventional Mick Jagger, the collection’s focus is on men who understand how knitwear should be worn for impact. “We wanted to create a balanced collection of statement pieces blended with classic timeless knits that you can keep forever—or have stolen by a loved one,” explains Aurelie Popper, one of the company’s two founders. Wool and the Gang has a busy quarter ahead of them, according to Popper. “‘More Baby Gang’ is just around the corner; the range has been incredibly successful.” And the pace isn’t likely to change anytime soon, as Popper briefly mentioned an upcoming collaboration with a British brand as well. “We can’t talk about just yet… unless you tie us up to a tree without yarn for three days,” she jokes.

Available in a range of colors, the new range includes a hats, scarves, sweaters and even ties, which offer a mix of colors that are both eye-catching and dapper—match it with a thin tie pin and blazer and you have a contemporary take on a Winter classic that will seamlessly see you from day to evening. Visit WATG online for ready-to-wear or an easy-to-follow Knit Kit.

Images courtesy of Wool and the Gang