“The Leaked Recipes Cookbook” Interweaves Food + Internet Privacy

Human rights and technology researcher Demetria Glace recently compiled The Leaked Recipes Cookbook, a collection of over 50 recipes found in the world’s biggest email leaks, from Hillary Clinton to Emmanuel Macron. In sifting through these emails, Glace uncovered how food, internet privacy and corporate culture intersect. She tells MOLD, “Along with these recipes, I found a lot of strange coincidences and stories, and gained an understanding of how these emails were leaked or released in the first place. It also made me think about my emails, and how much personal information I have within them.” These intricacies inform the cookbook, whose compelling, voyeuristic photography and personal recipes shed unique insight on surveillance and digital footprints. Learn more about privacy in relation to food, the cookbook and how Glace combed through emails to construct it at MOLD.

Image courtesy of Emilie Baltz for the Leaked Recipes Cookbook