1-Bit Symphony

Artist Tristan Perich's latest musical circuit board performance


Creating music with an electrical engineer’s perspective, Tristan Perich‘s “1-Bit Symphony” utilizes one microchip on an electronic circuit to perform a five-movement composition.

The simplified follow-up to the NYC-based musician and visual artist’s “1-Bit Music” project continues his efforts to connect a physical medium with the digital world. By programming an original arrangement on a single microchip with simple control buttons and housing it all in a throwback CD jewel case, Perich makes and presents electronic music in its most elegant form.

An example of his interest in orchestral compositions and one-bit audio (see some of his other work in this early Cool Hunting Video), the manifestation of data as sound provokes thought with its look at the “abstract logic of software”—especially when compared to today’s intangible music industry.

A great gift for fans of electronic music and soldering alike, pre-order “1-Bit Symphony” (it’s due out 24 August 2010) from
Bang on a Can
for $30.