Artist Glenn Kaino’s Pioneering “Pass The Baton” NFT Project for Civil Rights

Amidst all the staggering figures that have been associated with crypto and NFTs in 2021, the 86.40 ETH or $347,355 (at the time of publish) that has been raised for non-profit partners and civil rights initiatives, by artist Glenn Kaino and Olympian and activist Tommie Smith, might arguably be the most pioneering use of the technology. For their “Pass The Baton” blockchain campaign—which can be tracked through a dedicated gallery on—Kaino produced 7,872 digitally-rendered baton NFTs that reference Smith’s iconic, defiant act of protest against racism and injustice, when he raised his fist on the podium during the medal ceremony in the 1968 Olympic Games. 24 human rights organizations will receive the funds accrued. Over at Medium, Kaino explains his motivations and the inspiration behind this campaign. Read more there.

Image courtesy of Glenn Kaino