Nine BBQs


The first step to mastering barbecue is choosing the right grill. We love the classic no-frills design of a Weber, but—from built-in sinks to slick stainless steel exteriors—there are a ton of other souped up options out there. We sorted through the many grills on the market to find the most well-designed free standing variations on the original. The first in a three-part series, stay tuned for less pricey and less serious grills coming soon.

The Out-Standing Barbecue (pictured right) makes up for the lack of counter space outside by providing multiple shelves to store your food and plates. Even better, the barbecue comes equipped with a sink. While adding functionality, it doesn't add clutter nor take away from the contemporary design. Made of stainless steel and available in both gas and solid fuel formats, it's available from Encompass starting at £2100.


The Leiro Star barbecue (above left) combines high design with practical features. Comfortable to use for someone of any height, it features a unique hand winding mechanism to adjust the height of the cooking platform. It also comes with highly refractive bricks to help maintain cooking heat while an ash collection tray makes for easy disposal of soot. Designed for use with charcoal or wood, it is available for £800 from For Outdoors. (Scroll down to find it.)

Over the top and the "biggest, meanest grill in the land", the Bread Breaker Grill (aboce right) features independent side-by-side fuel sources so you can choose between solid fuels and gas. The drawers are specially designed to hold Hickory limbs to cook hickory smoked meats. Laser-cut stainless steel grilling surfaces can be configured to your preferred combination of meat, fish, and vegetable grilling patterns. It even features a convenient built-in trash can. Available for a hefty $12,000 here, it is only for the most demanding grillers. Watch a demo here.


More than just a grill, Outtime designed this clever but simple weather-resistant kitchen station. Simply made of granite placed on a stainless steel frame, the grill acts as an unconventional stove top. Hooking up the sink could be a little difficult, but we think it's well worth it. Inquire with Outtime for pricing and availability.


Operable as both an outdoor fire-pit and BBQ, the Conmoto Magic Grill (right) exhibits dual functionality in one sleekly designed unit. When your fire has burned down a bit, add the handheld grill surface to cook your foods. The lower portion provides ample storage space for logs and when burned in the "glow box" the left over ash is easily disposed. Available for €400 here.


For those looking for a more decorative piece, the Sculpture Charcoal Grill (left) features a wavy stainless steel body without compromising the way your meat is grilled. You can brand your name in your cooked meats by personalizing the grill surface with up to three initials. Custom grill surface artwork is also optional. Available starting at $4,500 at Kalamazoo.


Designed by the ex- head of industrial design at Apple, Fuego (right) features some distinguished accents like teak and slate countertops while providing tucked-away storage areas underneath. For a futuristic cooking option, the Fuego offers infrared as well as coal heat sources. Handsome and easy to use, you can request more information here.

via Josh Spear

Incredibly versatile, the Horizon BBQ (below left) allows you to do three different types of cooking at the same time. The main horizontal BBQ chamber is perfect for the biggest rack-of-ribs you can find, while the offset grill is great for smaller items like burgers and steaks. The vertical smoking chamber slow cooks items at around 160-200 degrees and has a hanging rod for large items. Made from heavy-duty 1/4" thick steel it is guaranteed against burnout. We've been told that it only gets better with more use—and you can expect to last a lifetime. Only available in the continental U.S., it's $1,580. here.

Better known for their professional-grade ranges, Viking recently came out with this Kamado-style charcoal powered cooker (below left). Lined with ceramic, it grills to perfection while also retaining heat accurately and long enough for low-heat cooking. The stainless steel egg is easily wheeled around the patio or deck on its cart. Visit Viking to find out where to purchase the C4.

via T magazine.