The Tuyo Vibromassuer


Blurring the lines even further between "personal massagers" and vibrators, this Tuyo "vibromassuer", part of the new B3 range made by Big Teaze Toys, is a little ambiguous. Is it a sex toy or massage ball? Where vibrating massage wands have often been confused for the former, this is the first time it's been the other way around—which prompts us to ask, does it matter?

The eight modes of vibration, three speeds and five pulsation patterns seem like the standard traits of a vibrating massager, but a silicone non-slip grip, splash-proof housing made of hygienic stainless steel and non-porous silicone and a satin-lined case? If it's a vibrating massager, it's the most sexy and stylish we've encountered. Big Teaze comments, "unique in design and inoffensive in appearance, the appeal of the B3 range is that it does not appear to be what it is!" Either way, don't massage and sex go hand in hand? Let's just call it versatile.

Available in black or pink, get more information on Tuyo and the whole B3 range from Big Teaze.

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