BioLite’s Portable BaseLantern

A Bluetooth-connected flatpack lamp doubles as a mini smartgrid and even has a few party tricks

Portable energy brand BioLite (perhaps best known for their CampStove and its continued developments) is no stranger to Kickstarter. Two years ago, they successfully funded and delivered upon a campaign that raised over a million dollars for their fire-to-electricity stove. They return to the crowdfunding platform today with another innovation that will help campers everywhere. The BaseLantern is more than a sandwich-sized flatpack lantern. It doubles as a miniature smartgrid that provides real-time analytics on off-grid energy consumption and the statuses of devices it’s charging.

There are three features warranting further attention. First, portability is key here. This is made possible by high-powered edge-lighting, which is substantially smaller than traditionally lanterns, but still offers 500-lumens of brightness. Second, the Bluetooth connectivity allows for the aforementioned real-time energy consumption analytics but also brightness and warmth adjustments on the light itself, as well as lantern effects, color changes and alarms. Finally, the 7800 mAh rechargeable Li-on battery offers 54 hours of lamp-time (when not charging any outside devices), and fuels the two USB out charging ports which can comfortably charge an iPhone 6 up to four times. Altogether, it’s an energy conscious smartgrid that offers truly bright luminescence and even has a few party tricks—like proximity activation.

A $79 early bird pledge guarantees a BaseLantern if the Kickstarter campaign receives full funding.

Images courtesy of BioLite