Braun CoolTec

A hands-on look at the world's first electric shaver with an active cooling element for sensitive skin


Avid readers know well that Cool Hunting is always on the lookout for new ways to innovate. While this can come in any number of shapes and forms, sometimes the simplest of ideas deliver the most notable results. For legendary design-driven tech brand Braun, a breakthrough came in the form of an active cooling element, which soothes sensitive skin with their new CoolTec Shaver. As part of a promotion we recently hosted for Braun, we were able to test the new shaver, and found that the cooling technology is a small detail making a big difference in our grooming routine.


With the addition of an integrated ceramic cooling element, the shaver aims to minimize skin irritation, which results in a better shave and happier skin. The cooling bar—which gets legitimately cold thanks to some semi-secret NASA-grade technology—actually soothes the skin, making it a nice option for sensitive skin that doesn’t fare well with other electric shavers. The shaver delivers a close shave due to the two independently moving “SensoBlade” cutting elements that hide sharp blades just behind an ultra-thin foil. This smart design allows the blades to catch stubborn hairs and short stubble without coming in direct contact with your skin. Again, this lessens skin aggravation, something I’m unfortunately all too familiar with.


In addition to charging, the docking station cleans the shaver and kills over 99.9% of lingering bacteria. While a full charge takes just an hour, the quick-fix five minute charge option conveniently delivers just enough juice for a single shave. And the handy travel kit allows you to keep a clean shave when away from home. Find the Braun CoolTec on Amazon for $200.

Images courtesy of Braun