Cannondale Slice RS

The latest in triathlon-centric bicycles ascribes to the age old "Narrow is Aero" adage


In years past cutting seconds off your race time meant donning hilarious helmets and hoping the wind’s at your back. Now, thanks to the latest in carbon molding, integrated gearing and carbon components, Cannondale‘s recently released Slice RS claims the necessary tech to strike up to 20 seconds in a 40k race for a top competitor. And while this bike is designed mostly for just that—cut-throat triathlons or time trials—we can still appreciate the cleverly integrated frame, blacked-out aesthetics and beautiful aerodynamics.

Driven by a SRAM Red gruppo and centered on a carbon based seat post and saddle, the Slice RS, as Cannondale puts it, is “pure unadulterated FAST.” And yet, it is street ready for those looking to have a real head turner for their daily commute. Find more information or a dealer directly from Cannondale, where the Slice RS SRAM Red Black Inc edition sells for $11,000.

Images courtesy of Cannondale