DATAMONOLITH_AI Transforms The World’s Oldest Data Into a Digital Sculpture

Currently on display as part of the Future And The Arts: AI, Robotics, Cities, Life – How Humanity Will Live Tomorrow exhibition at Tokyo’s Mori Museum, Ouchhh Studio’s digital artwork DATAMONOLITH_AI comprises three billion pixels, each projecting centuries-old data. As the name suggests, generative adversarial networks, machine learning, and AI algorithms peruse data from the ancient architectural site Göbekli Tepe (9600–7000 BC), ultimately creating an ever-changing display that translates still images into sculptural work. The result is dystopian: glitching strokes juxtapose rigid, pointed fragments of stone and sand. See a portion of the presentation at designboom—or see a 54-foot version at Intersect Festival in Las Vegas this week.