DrawAttention Turns Laptop Covers into Whiteboards

A simple analog accessory that maximizes prime real estate


Further extending the seemingly infinite capabilities of your trusty laptop is DrawAttention: a creative add-on that requires no internet or batteries, nor does it have operating system compatibility issues. It’s in fact, a simple sticker decal that transforms a laptop cover into a whiteboard—making maximum (and versatile) use of prime real estate.


Use this blank space for immediate brainstorming and collaboration during meetings, a place to leave yourself reminders, or even as an advertisement opportunity when set up in public areas. “Draw Attention” and get your message across—in the real world, not digital.

“It’s rare having such an analog product in a digital world, but we’re having fun with it!” Dallas-based co-founder Kyle Taylor tells CH. “Since I am such a big community advocate, I like to use DrawAttention stickers to advertise what I do and how I can help. Have a start-up? Working on a website? Talk to me, let’s see if I can help you or at least point you in the right direction.”

“It is amazing how many times we have people ask us if the boards are e-ink or NFC or something—people sometimes just can’t accept that a simple solution like an ordinary whiteboard works,” co-founder Eric Swayne adds. “It’s really fun to work on something that isn’t pixels or terabytes.” Keeping in mind that smudges and marker ink could transfer onto clothes or hands, it’s still much more welcome to deal with than a software crash.


DrawAttention sticker decals start at $12 for both Macbooks and PCs (though technically, you could stick it onto anything) and soon for tablets; find them at DrawAttention’s webshop. Taylor and Swayne are also currently working on an all-black decal that can be used with neon markers.

Images courtesy of Emilia Gaston