The Roost 2.0 Laptop Stand

An easy-to-use, ultra-light frame that minimizes slouching and sore necks

After constant hunching and slouching in front of a laptop forced James Olander to visit the doctor, the former engineer decided to build his own laptop stand. But instead of quickly hacking together a rough makeshift, he spent months over-engineering a stand that could not only support the weight of a full-sized laptop but was itself lightweight and portable enough to take anywhere. The result was the Roost: a collapsible, carbon fiber framework that lifted laptop screens to eye level, eliminating poor posture for long-term users. After launching it on Kickstarter in 2013, the project raised $200,000 in just 30 days after seeking a mere $9,300.

Now, Olander is back with the Roost 2.0. It’s the same simple concept first introduced three years ago, but with thoughtful updates made available through modern manufacturing processes. The Roost 2.0 adds height adjustability and patent pending “pivoting grips” to snugly fit almost any laptop but, most significantly, Olander has shifted away from carbon fiber to glass-fiber reinforced nylon to increase durability while also shaving off some weight. It still opens with a simple tug and folds down to a compact 13 inches to easily fit into any backpack or briefcase.

The Roost 2.0 Laptop Stand is now available online for a pre-order price of $59—about $10 off regular retail.

Images courtesy of The Roost Stand