Editions for iPad

AOL's personalized newspaper app


To keep up with the fast-paced iPad app industry, AOL’s latest effort to up their relevance comes in the form of Editions, a magazine-esque daily news update specifically geared to the reader. After a test run, it rates surprisingly good—well worth the free download at least.

The aggregator aims to stand out by allowing for customization from preferred news sections all the way down to font size and banner cover. By syncing with AOL, Twitter and Facebook identities, it adapts to user preferences, providing only the news and information most important to them.

AOL-editions1.jpg AOL-editions-2.jpg

Once you have a personalized profile, you can browse the app’s automatic suggestions or search for other sites to add. Messing around with tags and keywords provides more or less from any given source. These choices then roll into your profile, which updates for the following day’s issue, tailoring the content to your interests.

AOL-editions-3.jpg AOL-editions-4.jpg

Also of note, once you choose a news story from the in-app excerpts, the magazine redirects the user to actual news providers’ sites. This nice little ethical decision gives actual pageviews to the original publisher, giving credit where credit is due—an Internet-era practice we’ve always backed.

Look to the iTunes App Store where Editions is now available for free download.

via The Unofficial Apple Weblog