MagBak iPad Mini and Air Mount

The magnetic wall mount's second iteration introduces a multi-generation compatible mount of non-metal surfaces


In early September 2013 MagBak was successfully funded—at nearly five times their goal—through Kickstarter, bringing the world’s thinnest iPad mount to life. Now, some six months later, MagBak is again on the crowdfunding site, this time with a new iteration designed specifically to work with the iPad Mini and iPad Air. At just 0.5mm thick, the MagBak grips raise the iPad off whatever surface it’s resting on—just enough to prevent scratches and support the device without being conspicuous. While the magnetic grips make mounting on any metal surface simple and effective, the introduction of the MagStick mount accessory makes the MagBak even more universal. The new addition to the family uses powerful 3M tape to semi-permanently adhere most anywhere, thus allowing you to use MagBak mounts for iPad, iPad Mini and iPad Air on non-metal surfaces.

MagBak-ipad-mini-1.jpg MagBak-ipad-mini-2.jpg

While we admit, the idea of adding anything to a beautiful Apple device tends to make us cringe, the universality of the MagBak system is genuinely clever. Being able to mount any iteration of the iPad on nearly any surface opens a range of opportunities otherwise thwarted by gravity and a lack of hands. See the Kickstarter campaign for further convincing, and pledge $34 to secure a MagBak iPad Mini (or iPad Air) and MagStick.

Images courtesy of MagBak