Monitor World Cup Scores With HotBlack Smartwatch

Track your team's match vitals with the Bluetooth-enabled, soccer-minded timepiece


Created by physicist—and avid soccer enthusiast—Richard Hoptroff after 15 years of tinkering with intricately complicated timepieces, the HotBlack smartwatch aims to keep wearers connected to their favorite soccer team, whether live at the match or stuck behind a desk during game time like many of us during this year’s World Cup. Set which team you support using the native iPhone- and Android-compatible app, and the watch will do the rest. Shortly before match time, the two will automatically sync—using the watch’s embedded Bluetooth Low Energy radio—and game vitals will be displayed with no prompt necessary. Looking at the face, the dial at six o’clock will show match time elapsed, while the northernmost dial shows your team’s score, and the left-hand dial shows the opponent’s.


Additional features include the ability to replay the previous match and check for time and date of next fixture, each with the press of a button. Similar in mechanics and technology to the greatly admired stock market watch previously created by Hoptoff, the more democratic HotBlack watch aims to use the crowd funding platform to bring the price down to a more manageable level—after all, one can imagine there are many more soccer supporters worldwide than stock brokers. Check the HotBlack on Kickstarter for more details.

Images courtesy of Hoptoff Ltd