Indianapolis Motor Speedway to Host First-Ever High-Speed Autonomous Car Race

The first car penciled in to compete at 2021’s inaugural Indy Autonomous Challenge was unveiled at the CES all-digital 2021 show by Energy Systems Network, Penske Entertainment Corp, Dallara and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Set for October, the race will feature 40 teams comprised of university students from all over the world. These teams will build the software necessary to achieve top speeds over 200mph. A Dallara-made chassis typically used in the Indy Lights Series will be the physical base. Though the racetrack differs from city streets or interstate highways (where consumers are eager for autonomous tech), this concentrated competition aims to foster innovation that could be applied there. The self-driving technology will be tested at top speeds and in the split-second situations in which a human driver would have life or death reactions. Read more at Inside Indiana Business.

Image courtesy of Energy Systems Network