iPod Shuffle and Mac mini

Macmini All2

If my site happens to be your first stop after crawling out from under a rock, I'm pleased to let you know that much earlier today Apple announced a few new things. In the software category comes iLife 05 and iWork featuring lots of updates and one new app, Pages (a word processor). More exciting is the new hardware. Mac mini is a $500 shiny white box with a some pretty good specs for the price. Finally Apple has entered the affordable market.

Ipodshuffle All1

The iPod Shuffle is a very small and cute flash based music player. Subscribing to the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) philosophy, the Shuffle has no display and only offers basic functions. I'm certainly not giving up my iPod, but would consider adding a Shuffle to my mobile music arsenal– it should be good at the gym, right?