Apple TV v2


Adding a few capabilities that help realize its full potential, the newly-launched version of Apple's computer-to-TV entertainment software is a massive improvement over the original. The biggest plus for aesthetes like us is the 1080p output which means you can stream HD movies, TV shows and podcasts (including featured titles like CHV!) with little more than a click in iTunes (TV and movies will cost you of course). Also sure to soothe the frustrations of current users, a new single menu interface allows for quick, predictive searches of all available titles (both in the store and in your iTunes).

In addition to the direct interface with iTunes, rentals and the simplified interface, AirTunes support means you can stream content directly from your computer and (limited) 5.1 surround sound means Apple's inching toward a full-on home AV experience. The update also introduces Flickr integration, making it easier than ever to bore guests with travel slideshows.

The new software is free for current users, but if you want to join the bandwagon, the device also dropped in cost, now starting at $229 from Apple.

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