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Jeff Koons’ New Project Will Land on The Moon

For his first entry into the NFT space, Jeff Koons will send sculptures to the moon. The project, called Jeff Koons: Moon Phases, is slated to launch (literally from the Kennedy Space Center) later this year thanks to a collaboration between the artist, NFMoon, 4Space and Pace Gallery. Each moon-destined physical sculpture has a one-of-a-kind NFT counterpart that is available for purchase. Koons says in a statement, “I’ve always enjoyed the idea of creating a global art, art that really is about every human being’s aspiration to have a more fulfilling life. To be able to touch on meaning, what it means to be a human being.” The works, which have yet to be unveiled, are destined for the moon’s largest mare (a lunar plain), Oceanus Procellarum. Read more at NFT Now.

Image courtesy of NASA

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