Joy Division Zune Giveaway


Zune continues to innovate with custom device designs and inventive packaging, this time upping the ante with a black version in homage to Joy Division. Since the launch of the Zune originals series, we've been impressed with Zune's willingness to let users customize the look and feel of their device and this latest release takes this marketing concept to its next logical step: a limited-edition branded customization with related pre-loaded content.

To commemorate the release of Joy Division The Documentary, Zune partnered with artist Peter Saville to create a stunning device engraved with the iconic artwork he originally crafted for the "Unkown Pleasures" album. The Zune is customized right down to the menu backsplash and the accessories that come with it. But even better, the Zune is pre-loaded with the new documentary.

The packaging is also incredibly elaborate, including a suitably-minimalistic one-page album insert and Peter Saville’s signature etched into the foam lining.

We know the Joy Division Zune has been covered elsewhere, but we're taking it a little further and offering one of these strictly limited, individually-numbered Zunes to a reader. Follow the contact link at the bottom of the page, select Joy Division Zune Giveaway and tell us why you're the Joy Division fan that should get this by Thursday, 10 July 2008, 11:59pm EST.

If you'd rather not take your chance, buy it from Zune for $400.

Images via Engadget