Zune Giveaway


Zune, the new WiFi-enabled, bigger-screened iPod competitor from Microsoft, made its much-hyped debut today and we've got three—one in each color—to give away.

With its non-scratch rubberized case, FM tuner, wireless song and picture sharing (from up to 30 feeet away), DJ/broadcast mode, richer animation from screen to screen and customizable background pictures Zune adds several features that we like. Shared songs, however, are limited to three plays or three days, and are "bookmarked" in your Zune Marketplace inbox for later preview or purchase. Though the main navigation looks like a scroll wheel, it is a "donut" that clicks in four directions as well as in the center. We think they should have made it look more like what it is, as your first interaction invariably leads to attempted scrolling of the wheel. Video is not yet available from the Zune site, but it will be launched shortly and those of you willing to make the effort can pretty easily get video on the device.

Though we can't comment on their iTunes equivalent, called Zune Marketplace, as it's not yet available for Macs (we're a Mac only shop) we're looking forward to that aforementioned inbox feature, along with larger capacity models (only 30G models are out now), that will be launched in the near future.

We think they did a great job with Zune-Art, which draws heavily on the creative community with art from established and amateur artists alike.

To celebrate the launch of the Zune CH is hooking three readers up with a Zune—we've got one in each color. Winners will also get a very limited edition hardcover book that was created for the Zune's launch and was only available at the launch parties in New York and LA. In addition to art from the artists featured on the Zune Art site there are two vinyl records with unreleased tracks (the music is also available on CDs that are also included). To top it off, each of the three winners will also receive one of the 1,000 DVDs we made celebrating Cool Hunting Video's 50th episode. The DVDs were given out at our party and only a very precious few remain.

To win a Zune player, launch book and CH Video DVD, you have to correctly answer the following three questions by midnight EST Thursday, 16 November 2006. Three winners will be selected at random from readers who provide all three correct answers. To enter, follow the contact link at the bottom of the page, select "Zune giveaway" from the pull down menu and send us your answers.

UPDATE: Contest has ended and winners have been notified. Thanks for your entries.

In honor of the three Zune colorways—white, black and brown—the questions are themed accordingly. For each question please state the name of the band and the name of the song or album:

  • What band's album featuring black in the title has sold 21 million copies?
  • Which artist—the first to smash a guitar onstage—has an album with the word white in it?
  • Which musical recently adapted for the stage and currently on Broadway has a song with a title that includes brown?

The 30 gig Zune players retail for $249 and are available from Amazon. A range of accessories are also available.

Good luck!