Knock Knock’s Text Message and Cell Citation Pads

From Knock Knock, stationers and disciples of irreverence, these Text Message and Cell Citation pads, are perfect gifts in the age of mobile communication. The extensive translations of text messages, like "FUD: Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt" and "IMBP: I Might Be Pregnant," are sure to amuse — if not also educate — even the most savvy texters and the format takes note-writing to a conceptual level.

Providing an outlet for the angst we've all felt over inconsiderate cell use, the Cell Citation pad politely steers offenders in the direction of better mobile phone etiquette with a checkboxes including one for "painfully banal" conversation. Pick up the Text Message pad for $6.99 from Knock Knock. The Cell Citation pad, available 31 January, will cost $4.50 on their site as well.