Life Is

Discovery and exploration in BBC Earth's new interactive online experience


Now in their 50th year, BBC Earth revamps their Natural History Unit with Life Is, an interactive site full of images, videos and stories of the world’s most visually-captivating documentaries and discoveries done by the BBC Earth Team.


Created by The Brooklyn Brothers and Fantasy Interactive, the online destination features content themed around monthly concepts with, such as September’s “Colourful.” The vibrant collection of videos and photos on the Earth’s most colorful wildlife and animals, stunning examples include schools of tropical fish in the Kingman Reef, a Chameleon, and Desert Cactus Flowers.


Users can engage with the Life Is interactive photo gallery by navigating through a widget that filters photos with sliders to select “Hot or Cold” (temperatures), “Fast or Slow” (speeds), “Sky or Sea” (habitats), and color choice. The device comes in handy for navigating through the relevant BBC Earth programming, allowing users access to the media directly from the Life Is website. For those short on time, the site also features a monthly round-up video composed of photos and videos centered around the theme.


With its playful design and stunning images, Life Is delivers the same sense of wonder and discovery as thumbing through old issues of National Geographic—but thoroughly updated for the digital age.