Harmony Link

Logitech's new iPad-based universal remote offers total media control for home entertainment systems

Logitech‘s new Harmony Link promises to make the home media experience a breeze through its unique combination of hardware device and iPad app system. Designed to enhance how we interact with our entire entertainment center, Harmony Link is like the ultimate universal remote. The hockey puck-sized transmitter connects to the Harmony Link app on an iPad over wifi, giving users the ability to control up to eight devices with their iPad.

By converting iPad commands into infrared signals, the system allows wireless control of any IR-compatible device including TVs, DVD players, stereos and even VCRs. In addition to simulating classic universal remotes, the Harmony Link also gives the user access to a live TV guide with menu options for all the attached devices, which lets you toggle seamlessly between the different media.

The system is also intuitive enough to know what you want when tapping between choices, switching the correct devices off and on and changing inputs with the swipe of a finger. Standard iPad gestures adjust volume, playback and other controls.

The system is now available for $100 from Logitech, and the iPad app is a free download from iTunes. Mobile versions will also be available for the iPod Touch and iPhone from the Apple App store and an Android version from the Android Market are both coming soon.