Keep track of places with an app designed for bookmarking on the go

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Every day, we walk by countless restaurants, shops, galleries and general curiosities whose interior ambiance we mentally bookmark, telling ourselves we must go back. And yet, when it comes time to pick a place for a group dinner, entertain a date or simply recommend the perfect place for a friend, we draw a complete blank.

Referencing the age-old practice of grabbing a restaurant’s branded matches on the way out, Matchbook allows users to “bookmark a place to remember it later” using the location information from Foursquare. Through the iPhone’s built-in GPS capabilities, you can either type in the name of a place you’d like to save or tag it as you’re walking by, organizing fleeting intentions into a solid list of where to go around town.

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If you’re ready to streamline from a desktop crammed with Post-it notes, ink-smudged jottings on your hand or a jar of actual matchbooks, the app can help keep you organized and on your way. Matchbook is free and available for download from iTunes.