Nima Nyima Himalayan Soaps and Candles


Inspired by the warmth and energy of the Tibetan sun, Nima Nyima's natural products combine homeopathic properties with plant-based fragrances, leaving minds and skin feeling enlightened and relaxed.

Comprised of a blend of alpine plants, oils and pure yak milk, the handmade, cold-processed Nepalese soaps ($14) are biodegradable and come in invigorating aromas like nettle spearmint and herb spikenard—a valuable plant grown only in the Himalayas.

Nima Nyima makes each of their candles ($37) using similar environmentally-friendly practices that they apply to soap-making and bath salts, but also includes a sprinkling of gemstones at the top of the candle, which reappear with every burning. Though we didn't get to try the Himalayan pink bath salts (pictured below right), the detoxifying treatments are yet another way to take advantage of the healing properties offered by the brand.


With so many candles and bath products available today, it's great to find a company that takes such care and concern in producing their creations. Using any of their lavish goods imparts a sense of the Nima Nyima's philosophy of bringing the purity of Himalayan landscape to the home.

Nima Nyima products are available for purchase online or at several salons and boutiques nationwide.