Red Pop

Take better iPhone snaps with a handy button add-on


Instagram addicts will love what the innovators at U.K. startup Beep Industries recently came up with to follow their clever MoviePeg stand. Their new product Red Pop, another iPhone add-on, eliminates awkward poking at the touchscreen button by replacing it with an actual big red button. Simply attach the accessory to the bottom of your phone and presto—it transforms into a camera!

Not only is the device extremely convenient to use, it has the familiarity of classic cameras and adds a modern twist. The free downloadable app allows for rapid-fire photography, ensuring that you never miss that perfect moment. Once you have the shot, the app also allows you to easily share the image via Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms. Beep Industries also hopes to integrate their Red Pop app with other popular camera apps.


Red Pop comes with a wrist strap and protective pouch for easy transport, and designs for other accessories (such as cases and tripod stands) are in the works. Look for this handy product online in early September.