Pattern Body Washes


Since Pattern Body Washes appeared in my bathroom, each shower is a new aromatic experience. The all-natural body washes are made from the finest essential oils and plant extracts without parabens, artificial colors or dyes and are available in four scents, Cucumber, Citrus, Eucalyptus and (my favorite) Black Pepper. The spicy scent is made from herbal extracts and essential oils of black pepper, ylang-ylang and vetiver, which all have antiseptic properties to cleanse the skin while remaining gentle enough not to strip the body of its natural oils. The rich lather has anti-oxidants and vitamin E to protect the skin from environment damage—and is said to stimulate and refresh the mind.

Pattern's motto "Think. Wash. Repeat." is apparent is their thoughtfully-conceived products and the small company aims to do one thing very well. Pattern's products are not tested on animals and are 100 percent vegan. The Body Washes are available online for $20 each or a full-size set of all four for $60 with guaranteed 100% satisfaction.