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Premiere: “Perfection” by Body Language

A soulful single from the band’s forthcoming LP

Brooklyn quartet Body Language (aka Angelica Bess, Grant Wheeler, Matt Young and Ian Chang) returns with “Perfection,” the soulful debut single from the band’s forthcoming fourth LP, Travel Guide (out 9 October). The track’s melody is relaxed enough for casual poolside listening but the lyrics tell a familiar tale that warrants closer attention. It’s a noticeable continuation of their catalog of enjoyable experimental R&B soundscapes, which extends back to 2010’s acclaimed album, Social Studies.

“We love how alluring ‘Perfection’ is on the surface—the instrumental is so sugary and pillow-y and even the lyrics beckon playful notions of a once perfect place or time,” Wheeler tells us. “However, this place of perfection proves to be a mere moment, because all the while, we’re portraying this impending ruin approaching… and just like that, the track unravels before the listener.” All that narrative weight washes in on waves of synth.

Travel Guide will be conceptual to a certain degree, in that it intends to chronicle an itinerary of everyday life scenes experienced by the band. One thing is for certain, the album will be transportive (as with their previous releases) whether that’s moving people to dance at home on their own or travel to sunnier days in their imagination.

Images courtesy of Body Language


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