Rapha Cycling Gear


Cycling the streets of New York poses its own unique set of problems, not the least of which is finding gear that doesn't make you look like a rolling advertisement. Fortunately, there are a few emerging brands that recognize the value in creating stylish, classic apparel with discrete branding. The British company Fixed_Backback.jpg

While capris went in and out of style years ago, the 3/4 pant remains a standby for the urban cyclist. Most bikers get around the chain issue by simply rolling up their jeans. For those willing to risk a raised eyebrow now and then, Rapha makes a 3/4 bottom as part of their Fixed range of apparel, pieces designed specifically to blend in with city styles. The Fixed_Backpack_Portrait.jpg

The Fixed Backpack is marked by a ridiculously slim profile that hugs your back, and a narrow width that enables you to knife through gridlock without worrying about catching any sideview mirrors. The outside is detailed with pin-dot reflective panels, waterproof zippers, and a series of back pads that will save your hunched spine. Inside, the suspended laptop pocket ensures a tight center of gravity, while a few carefully placed zippered pouches leave room for bare necessities. For those seeking a pared down commuter bag (on or off a bike), this is easily the best on the market.

Purchase Rapha gear on their site or through a select number of dealers such as Signature Cycles on the East Coast. They also publish an inspirational newsletter covering team rides and races, so sign up.

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