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CNN picked up this AP story
about how people are using Upoc
text messaging to get updates on the RNC protests. Organized by Ruckus
, the alerts have, by far, been the fastest way to find out about demonstrations and the police confrontations. To view the past alerts or to sign up to get them for the remaining few hours of the RNC, go here
. Continue for a transcript of all the Ruckus messages so far.

Ruckus RNC 2004 Text Alerts: updates and information on demonstration activities during the Republican National Convention 2004 in New York City.
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from: TextAlerts (9.2.04 2:01PM)
multpl rprts of major fountains thrghout city with water dyed red “Our blood, Bush’s hands”
from: TextAlerts (9.2.04 1:18PM)
Correction- Courthouse is 100 Centre St. Support the arrestees.
from: TextAlerts (9.2.04 1:16PM)
Angry parents, Andre 3000 at 100 Central St; lots of media- get to the court house ASAP! Take 6->Canal, R->City Hall
from: TextAlerts (9.2.04 11:46AM)
Bush 41 & 43, Giuliani at 38th/Park. Groups of protestors & supporters. REM: BE *PEACEFUL* AND *NON-VIOLENT*
from: TextAlerts (9.2.04 11:26AM)
9/2 (The Last Night) 7pm: ANSWER rally @ MSG – 31st/8th; 8pm: Candlelight Vigil @ Un Sq. Jail solidarity continues…
from: TextAlerts (9.2.04 8:38AM)
URGENT: Come to 60 Centre @ 9:00am, courtrm #130 -judge will rule on habeas corpus writ–
from: TextAlerts (9.2.04 12:50AM)
comms_dispatch@txtmob.com /100+ people doing support at 100 Center St, court will be going all night.
from: TextAlerts (9.1.04 11:46PM)
Andre 3000 of Outkast at B4B ball!
from: TextAlerts (9.1.04 11:39PM)
comms_dispatch@txtmob.com /Legal update: previous court order to release arrestees stayed: unclear if ppl will be let ou
from: TextAlerts (9.1.04 11:36PM)
King George II coronated at Billionaires for Bush ball!
from: TextAlerts (9.1.04 11:10PM)
comms_dispatch@txtmob.com /Correction: Those held for greater then 24 hours must be released by 1am tonight. 100 Center
from: TextAlerts (9.1.04 11:07PM)
comms_dispatch@txtmob.com /Legal support update: Court ruled that those held for < 24 hours must be released by 1AM tonig from: TextAlerts (9.1.04 7:08PM) March on the Media: 52nd/6th, headed north. About 500 ppl strong. from: TextAlerts (9.1.04 5:47PM) Bush in Qns 8pm: Italian Soc'l Club 83-20 Queens Blvd Sbwy-G,R,V to Elmhurst or Grand. BE *PEACEFUL* AND *NON-VIOLENT*. from: TextAlerts (9.1.04 4:21PM) Labor March has reached rally point at reached 30th St/8th Av. Lots of ppl! from: TextAlerts (9.1.04 3:39PM) Anyone with eyewitness accounts of arrest/police misconduct please reply. Reporters interested. from: TextAlerts (9.1.04 1:29PM) Protestors in row boats on lake at CntrlPrk Boathouse. Possible arrests. from: TextAlerts (9.1.04 12:17PM) More Today: 7pm- N.O.W. East Meadow, CntrlPark - nownyc.org. 7pm: Protest the Corporate Media! MarchOnTheMedia.org from: TextAlerts (9.1.04 12:14PM) Today: 4pm: Working Families Labor Rally - 8th Av/30th St. 6pm: "Mass Flash" @ Battery Park - axisofeve.org. from: TextAlerts (9.1.04 10:01AM) (Good Mrng!) 10am: Jail Solidarity for 1000 arrestees @ Pier 57, “Guantanamo on the Hudson" WestSideHway/15th St from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 9:56PM) jail solidarity protest 9/1 (weds) at 10 am. west side highway at 15th street. from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 9:02PM) multiple reports of provocateurs setting trash fires in midtown STAY ALERT 29 AND PARK 29 AND MAD from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 8:48PM) area hot from 27th and park to 28th and bwy arrests et al from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 7:32PM) 16th and 34th people being beaten while in handcuffs from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 7:31PM) 28th and bwy herald sq union sq madison sq pk all ocnfrontation and police activity at all locations from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 7:26PM) 16th betw irving and union sq people being beaten by police from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 7:21PM) police planning on penning in all protesters at herald square and arresting: only exits through the south and subway from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 7:02PM) large police presence entering herald square from south from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 6:41PM) Everyone in streets at 34th st and 6th ave being arrested from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 5:59PM) mounting police presence at public library action: 3 arrested so far, potentially more. protesters are clearing. from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 5:15PM) 1000 ppl @ Fox News protest. PPl gathering @ Library 42th/5th. 100s at WRL March- Church St/Thomas St. from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 4:21PM) Ppl penned and arrests outside @ Fox News "SHUT-UP-A-THON"; WRL headed to MSG - stopped at Fulton St/Bway&Church from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 3:59PM) Please report any A31 news/status today by replying to this message! from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 3:30PM) 4pm: "SHUT-UP-A-THON" @ Fox News 47th/6thAv; Defend Honor of Johnny Cash @ Sotheby's 71st/York Av. Have fun! from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 2:38PM) 3pm: War Resisters League - anti-war vigil, march, die-in. Gather @ Church St/Cortland (near 'R' Subway stop) from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 1:19PM) Listen live to ANOISE indymedia radio and other impt info on your phone: 212.400.7458 from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 12:54PM) Stop the Detentions Rally @ Thomas Paine Prk (Mulberry&Bayard) Street thtr dramatizing Guantanomo Bay, Abu Ghrai. 200ppl from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 11:18AM) Billionaries for Bush - fun all day long. Call 216.803.0990 for info and join up! from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 12:30AM) CounterConvention.org/More A31: 6pm info center at Broadway&23rd & at 5Av&42nd; get info for Street Party & more actions from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 12:24AM) CounterConvention.org/More A31: 4pm Fox News Shut-Up-Athon 1211 6Av&47th; 4pm Johnny Cash Bloc @ York Ave&71st from: TextAlerts (8.31.04 12:24AM) CounterConvention.org : A31 day of NV direct Action: 11:30 Stop Detentions @ Baxter & Bayard; 4pm Infocenter at Union Sq from: TextAlerts (8.30.04 9:27PM) M4OL situation @ 29th and 8th is very calm 100-200 ppl still in pen, people are allowed to exit. from: TextAlerts (8.30.04 8:22PM) Police are slwly allowing the crowd 2 lve twrd 7 ave on 29, 28, 27 sts in sml grps only from: TextAlerts (8.30.04 8:12PM) M4OL: PPl being allowed to leave in 2s and 3s. No lrg groups. from: TextAlerts (8.30.04 8:03PM) M4OL: Scuffling, Ppr Spray, Tear gas @ 30th/8th. ABCNewsNow showing live. from: TextAlerts (8.30.04 7:54PM) March4OurLives: ABC news was cutting live btwn RNC and the MARCH outside!! from: TextAlerts (8.30.04 7:32PM) March4OurLives: Headed to end rally at 30th/8th Av. Given 30 minutes speech time. Still peaceful, some arrests. from: TextAlerts (8.30.04 6:02PM) March4OurLives: Headed down 2nd Ave at 40th w/o permit. Peaceful, no problems for now. Headed towards MSG. from: TextAlerts (8.30.04 5:46PM) March4OurLives: Slowly starting from UN. Route unclear. from: TextAlerts (8.30.04 4:44PM) March4OurLives (now!): New Route - From UN down 2 Av; West on 23rd, Nrth on 8av to MSG. from: TextAlerts (8.30.04 4:11PM) The March for Our Lives is bgnng to gather at 47 St and 1 Ave near UN. from: TextAlerts (8.30.04 3:03PM) HELP! Need more people Codepink Aerial Photo now in Sheep's Meadow Central Park! Enter 72nd/West side head south from: TextAlerts (8.30.04 2:37PM) Still We Rise / Poor Peoples March end & rally at 30th/8th. Go and join until 4pm! from: TextAlerts (8.30.04 1:52PM) REMINDER: 2pm (NOW!) Codepink - Strawberry Fields, 72nd&CentralParkWest. People needed for Aerial Photo! from: TextAlerts (8.30.04 12:25PM) Still We Rise / Poor Peoples March - leaving Un Sq now, dwn 15th, up 8th Ave. Join 'em! from: TextAlerts (8.30.04 12:06PM) TODAY@2pm! CODEPINK Aerial Phto-72nd@CntrlPrkWest. NEED 1000 PPL-WOMN ESPCLY! Wear pink/lght clrs. fun and peaceful! from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 7:08PM) Strt Medic Hlth/Wellness Cntrs open until thur at 12th/2nd ave & 410 40th. All wk 10am-11pm. from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 6:40PM) Protstng arnd Tms Sq. RNC delegates heading to studios 44th/bway for tv intervws. arrsts 47th/7th. 10k in park. from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 6:10PM) Psbly ~150 ppl arrested @ Tms Sq. Orange mesh pens in use. from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 5:30PM) Times Sq arrests in progress, 50-70. Riot & mntd cops. Pens and webbing. 45th@8th-ave. from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 5:01PM) Bike ban rprtd 34st-57st, west of 6ave. Peddle elsewhere! 200-300 protestrs in Tms Sqr theatr dstrct. from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 4:54PM) "Mouse Bloc" in Theater dstrct. Blnrs for Bush in Tms Sq. Snake March mvng up 7th Ave twrds Bway. RNC dlgts gng to shows from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 4:14PM) Sml grps of peaceful protestrs at Great Lawn. Some forming giant peace symbol. Kiss-in @ 41st Library. from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 3:40PM) PLEASE REPLY wIth any news on Cntrl Prk. Sporadic reprts of peaceful gathrngs so far. from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 3:25PM) 34th and 7th is open again, march is moving fwd. 3 lonely bush supporters spotted in area. from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 3:06PM) Multpl reprts fire set by maskd cops dressd in black from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 3:03PM) Fire has been put out. from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 3:01PM) Large fire in street at 33-34th/7th ave. May be Dragon float. from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 2:44PM) 02:34 PM Un Sq is cool & clear. from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 1:51PM) Mrch rte, bgng to end is full. Assmbly area full, vry cngstd. Ppl stl entrng@9th/5th aves from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 1:22PM) Mrch mving slw. 200k est. Frnt has reached Un Sq. Plc bus+mtrcycls amassing 17th/6th. from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 12:46PM) Bush/Truth Plaza banner on Face the Nation. Counter-protesters at 34th (Macy's) with police escort. from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 12:37PM) UFPJ is requesting people enter the Assembly area from 5Ave or 9Ave as the area is very crowded from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 11:57AM) Large pink slip on bldng "Bush Lies, Fire Him" @ 27th and 7th ave across from FIT. from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 11:53AM) 11:45am - UFPJ march bgn. Front x-ing 24th st. Media, feeder marches joining frm dfrnt drctns. from: TextAlerts (8.29.04 10:07AM) Huge UFPJ march today 10am. Start at 14th st & 7th Ave. Stay hydrated! Tell ppl to text "Join RNC" to 8762 from: TextAlerts (8.28.04 9:25PM) Please txt any brkng news to 8762. Start msg with "textalerts:" u can also email textalert@ruckus.org. have fun and be from: TextAlerts (8.28.04 1:13PM) Sat 12:29pm: March for Women's Lives: 1000s of ppl x-ing Brklyn Brdge slwly. Well organized. 1pm rally @ city hall. from: TextAlerts (8.27.04 9:40PM) huge crowd at St Marks Church. Riot cops arresting and clearing intersection. 2nd ave shutdown btwn 9th and 13th. from: TextAlerts (8.27.04 9:19PM) critical mass safe stop and after party at St. Marks Church. 12th and 2nd Ave East Vill. sporadic arrests reported. from: TextAlerts (8.27.04 7:30PM) huge number of Critical Mass riders peacefully headed down Broadway! Many more cheering them on. from: TextAlerts (8.27.04 7:03PM) 6:51 PM - Critical Mass - Union Sqre: 1000 bikes there already, 31 police scooters on the Eastern face of the park. from: TextAlerts (8.26.04 8:06PM) Successful banner hang this morning at Plaza Hotel. See http://questionauthority.org/nycplazaaction/ from: TextAlerts (8.25.04 8:04PM) here we go...RNC 2004 Text Alerts!