Skin MD


Not all lotions are created equal. There are those that create a surface barrier, sealing moisture in, and others that use ingredients (called humectants) to attract moisture from the air. Skin MD, a new natural formulation of plant extracts and emollients does both and does it better. Using a new humectant that's six times more effective than the glycerin most often found in standard creams, Skin MD forms a shield to heal dry and problem skin. Made with homeopathic ingredients like Comfrey (long used by Native Americans as a salve), Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Arnica, Yarrow and Vitamin E, Skin MD is also naturally anti-microbial. Backed by doctor and real-life testimonials, the fragrance-free, long-lasting formula leaves skin feeling smooth and (because it's water-based) non-greasy. At $25 for 4 oz. Skin MD isn't a bargain solution, but a small amount goes a long way and the bottle should last you for upwards of a month—depending on how you use it. Pick it up from Skin MD.