“Doctor’s Orders” Skincare from Goldfaden MD

Four products that blend science and nature

Before the holidays, we embarked on a “Doctor’s Orders” skincare routine, thanks to Goldfaden MD (aka Dr Gary Goldfaden). After answering a few questions the doctor asked—about our skin’s sensitivity, issues we’d like to fix, and more—a selection of products were sent our way. Using Goldfaden MD’s cleanser, scrub, moisturizer and face mask (whether daily or weekly) for over a month—and traveling from the harsh NYC winter to the tropics and back again—our skin has brightened and feels smoother and healthier. It’s thanks to a unique scientific approach to skincare; Goldfaden MD products utilize potent but natural ingredients including stem cells and extracts that are full of antioxidants. While it’s nature-inspired, these products are also medical-grade—and developed by a dermatologist. Of course, everything is also paraben-, mineral oil-, alcohol-, gluten- and silicone-free—meaning even those with super-sensitive skin can get on board. Here’s a rundown of the four products Dr Goldfaden suggested for us.

Fresh A Peel

Even though this lactic and multi-fruit enzyme peel is exfoliating, upon use it’s surprising that there are no gritty ingredients that people often associate with peels and exfoliants. Gentle enough to use several times a week, it’s a truly refreshing peel—after rinsing it off, skin feels a lot softer and appears brighter. (Note: even though it’s non-irritating, keep in mind what your skin has been through before using it—it wasn’t a great idea to use this right after getting off a plane and having spent time in the Caribbean sun. A couple days later, however, it felt super-refreshing.)

Pure Start Facial Cleanser

This detoxifying cleanser is pH-balanced and gentle. Rather than foaming up (like those with Sodium Lauryl Sulfate do), Pure Start is delicate but works well to remove make-up as well as invisible impurities from a day exploring a big city. Made with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, it translates to soft and moisturized skin, rather than the super-tight, squeaky clean feeling skin some products deliver.

Vital Boost Moisturizer

Hydrating and full of antioxidants, Vital Boost is a light moisturizer that doesn’t leave you feeling like you have a heavy film over your face—in fact, it’s entirely oil-free. With added Cholecalciferol (aka Vitamin D, which is essential for skin and overall wellness), it rejuvenates your skin and offers a dewy look without appearing glossy or oily.

Doctor’s Scrub

Full disclosure: the Doctor’s Scrub is our favorite of the four products Dr Goldfaden sent to us. Made from ruby crystals, Aspalathus Linearis (red tea) extract, Chondrus Crispus (seaweed) extract and more, it doesn’t resemble any scrub we have ever used—rather it looks like a slightly clumpy baking soda. To use, simply scoop a little our into your hand and add some warm water; it dissolves and the sensation of massaging it into your skin is incredibly satisfying. Since the crystals are so small, this scrub really leaves your skin feeling fresh and smooth (just be sure to rinse properly as the crystals are so tiny they can be easily missed). Other than the scrub being the most enjoyable to use, it also left us with the most visible improvement, not just feeling rejuvenated, our skin looked fresher and brighter.

All products from Goldfaden MD should be used within 12 months after opening and are available online.

Images courtesy of Goldfaden MD