The Online Toaster Museum


While we consider toast itself to be one of the greatest snacks of all time (if not for its versatility alone), The Toaster Museum, an online archive of toasters through the ages, suggests that the method of production deserves some credit too. Browsing through the beautifully-photographed and well-organized collection (you can sort using the manufacturer's name, where it was made or by material) is a great case study on the design evolution of a humble device. From the early 1900s examples consisting of little more than a stand for holding toast upright to later porcelain models, the site is rich with info detailing the history of toasters.

It's the result of German designer Jens Veerbeck's ongoing project that's now more than a decade in the making. In addition to the documentation of his collection, Veerbeck includes resources and info, not the least of which is a link to Toaster Central, a NYC-based restorer of some of the finest vintage toasters ever made.

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