The Wave Interactive LED Coffee Table


A real godsend for those of us in need of constant visual stimulus, the Oakland-based group Because We Can has devised a way to interact with your coffee table. The "Design-Build studio" teamed up with the tech whizzes from Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories to create an LED Coffee Table dubbed The Wave. They fitted the table with 480 bright LED lights, along with 32 near infrared optical sensors. The result is a surface that reacts to any motion by following it with a cascade of glowing light. In a dormant state, the table subtle twinkles, adding a touch of class to any living room. And even at its most active state, the low-power LEDs use far less power than a single conventional lightbulb.

You can chose between a fully clear or frosted tabletop and any combination of LED colors. Since each table is made to your particular specifications, expect a lengthy wait time and hefty price tag (about 10 weeks and $2,215). Order from Because We Can's online store.