Tiny Love Toys


We keep upping the ante on gadgets and toys, taking them to smarter levels and adding more bells and whistles, but baby toys seem to remain somewhat the same. Tiny Love is changing that though, by enhancing design classics like the mobile and play mat with imaginative and constructive concepts that engage and challenge a baby during their critical first year.

For instance, the stroller and car seat arch attachment keeps the baby entertained with little toys like a sun prism, rattling butterfly ball and musical flower mirror, but are designed to also heighten sensory stimulation, encourage fine and gross motor skills, increase cognition and provide emotional intelligence. The flexible arch can be adjusted to angle toward the baby, or raised and lowered to any desired degree, making it more or less difficult for the baby to pull and manipulate the toys, an action that helps the baby learn cause and effect.


The leading expert in developmental toys, Tiny Love has received innumerable awards for their commitment to quality and innovation. Their products are sold in more than 40 countries, and can be purchased online or check the website for a list of shops near you.