Too Hot For Spot

A car thermometer to help keep your furry friends happy and healthy

too-hot-1.jpg too-hot-2.jpg

After seeing too many tragic cases of animal hypothermia and heatstroke due to the desert’s extreme climate, New Mexico-based veterinary worker Denice Pruett created Is It Too Hot For Spot?—a static-cling window thermometer. This clever thermometer easily secures to your car window for an accurate indication of the current temperature inside your vehicle.

Designed to raise awareness about the danger of leaving your furry friend in confined spaces, the thermometer acts as a potential lifesaving device for pet owners and as a visual educator for curious onlookers.

On an 80º day, temperatures inside a stationary car can climb to a sweltering 120º inside a car within just 10 minutes, a stunning piece of information to keep in mind as summer approaches. Is It Too Hot For Spot? sells for just $13, a small price to pay for keeping your little buddy happy, healthy and safe. The thermometer is available online from the Too Hot For Spot website.