Rich stereo sound via USB-powered speakers with a desk-friendly footprint


Artfully designed with science in mind, these desktop UCube speakers deliver a powerful 170-degree field of sound in an an equally impressive 3.25-inch package.

The surprisingly small speakers require only two cables and no external power supply, meaning less mess on your desk without sacrificing sound. Rather than being limited by standard USB port five-volt-max output, the UCube’s “smart” power supply stores energy during low level song passages so the amp can reach up to 15 watts per speaker when needed. Put simply, the system delivers crisp clean sound without breaking up when you crank the dial to 10. Adding to the kick, the “Balanced Mode Radiator” offers a full audio range, flat-diaphragm driver that delivers more than enough powerful sound to fill the room.

ucube-2.jpg ucube3.jpg

We also dig the custom aluminum stand (part of the discrete design intended to pair well with Macs) that easily fixes to the speakers with a twist of your thumb and finger. Use the stand or simply place the shiny boxes themselves on your desk, shelf, or anywhere you need a compact speaker that looks great and sounds even better. Scheduled to drop at the end of June, look toward the Apple Store or pre-order online now from Crutchfield for $150.