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Virus-Powered Car Batteries


Responding to the growing need for high-functioning rechargeable batteries, scientists at MIT came up with virus-powered versions, a remarkable idea that may just be the next big thing in green tech. Using genetically engineered viruses that essentially build a cathode, the upshot is a battery that can be charged up to 100 times without losing any of its capacity (improvements are expected). What's more, the batteries hold as much energy and power as—and last much longer than—current batteries in hybrid vehicles on the market.

Cheap to produce, non-toxic, lightweight and capable of taking on any variety of shapes and spaces, there are several more upsides to the virus-powered battery as well. And, of course, MIT scientists assure that the viruses are not harmful to humans. Keep an eye out for this ground breaking technology in the next few years and in the meantime, learn more visit Fast Company.


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