Wink, A Smart-Home Ecosystem

The Quirky-owned company teams up with The Home Depot to make connected appliances available Nationwide

Wink-App-1.jpg Wink-App-lights.jpg

With the introduction of soon-to-launch smart-home ecosystem app Wink, the connected abode will soon be much more than a group of intelligent appliances with independently operating apps. The new Wink platform will connect close to 60 products and appliances from 15 manufacturing partners to a single source: your smartphone. Wink brings everything from GE ovens, automated Bali blinds and Philips Hue LED lightbulbs to the Honeywell WiFi-enabled thermostat and a host of connected Quirky (Wink’s parent company) products all under the control of one ultra-simplified smartphone app. In doing so, the platform aims to make a complete smart home attractive and easily achievable for everyone from early adopters to the late majority.

Many products join the party by connecting to the Wink HUB using communications like ClearConnect, Z-Wave and Zigbee while others connect directly to the app via WiFi. Find the entire range of products in over 2,000 US locations of The Home Depot stores starting 7 July 2014.

Images courtesy of Wink