Refuel Propane Monitoring Tool From Quirky

Keep an eye on BBQ fuel levels remotely with an easy-to-read LED gauge


Few things ruin a party’s vibe quite like a broken BBQ, especially if the issue is something as simple as a lack of propane. To monitor your grill’s fuel level, the collective of clever minds at Quirky recently released the Refuel smart propane tank gauge. By connecting to the new Wink smart appliance controlling app, Refuel allows users to monitor propane levels remotely. A handy touch-sensitive gauge physically connected to the propane tank also displays fuel level with a simple LED light scale, for monitoring the situation in analog form.

Though announced a short while ago, Refuel is now available for public consumption for $50, nearly guaranteeing a prosperous remainder of the grilling season. Visit Quirky for purchasing details.

Images courtesy of Quirky