Outdoors-focused app offers a community and content sharing platform for nature lovers


Going into the outdoors is about getting away from it all, but it’s also fun to share your experiences. (We’re not too proud to admit we’ve hoofed the last few steps to a snow-capped summit in anticipation of a blockbuster Instagram post.) For those seeking adventure in the outdoors, and aren’t afraid to share it, there’s Yonder; a recently redesigned app built for fostering community and sharing tips for the wilderness. Whether you’re a backcountry hiker on 10-day trek or just looking for a good trail to run in your neighborhood, Yonder’s community-sourced content is a useful resource for traveling or becoming better acquainted with your own backyard, with special content categories for over 22 activities from rock climbing to mountain biking to surfing. Yonder’s recent redesign makes the most of iOS 7, offering a crisp layout and intuitive content sharing and posting.

YonderApp-2.jpg YonderApp-3.jpg

“Spending time outdoors reminds you of what’s important—it allows you to focus,” says founder David Tyler. “That’s something I believe everyone should want to share.” While giving away a surf spot to an out-of-towner (let alone the internet at large) is enough to get you banned from some line-ups, the app’s ability to connect like-minded people and provide crowd-sourced guides to the outdoors makes it worthy of a place on the smartphone of any outdoor adventurer.

Yonder is available for iOS devices for free at the Apple App Store. For more information visit Yonder online.

Images courtesy of Yonder